Student Scholarship Information

The PPS Foundation's 2021-22 Scholarship Applications are now available!

Click a link below to apply for a scholarship online.  Applications are due by March 1st   Questions about our scholarship program?   Please e-mail Jen Adler at


Information About Our Scholarships:


Scholarships Available for any PPS Graduating Senior

H.E.A.R. Scholarship for Graduating Seniors - (up to $3,500 award available)

H.E.A.R Scholarship Renewal for Past Recipients - (up to $3,500 award available)

Elizabeth Rasmussen Scholarship - ($1,000 award available)

John W. Gift Scholarship - (multiple $1,000 awards available)

Urban Forestry Scholarship - ($850 award available)

John K. Garrett Scholarship - ($500 award available)

Edward N. Woodruff Scholarship - ($900 award available)

Laurie and Gregory Beard Scholarship - ($1,000 award available)

John Dismuke Scholarship - ($500 award available)


Scholarships Available for Richwoods Seniors Only:

Wayne Macomber Scholarship - ($800 award available)

Diane Thannert Scholarship - (multiple $1,500 awards available)

Peoria Public Schools School Board Scholarship for Richwoods High School - ($1,000 award available)

Randy Simmons Scholarship for Richwoods High School ($1,000 award available)

Lynn Pastucha Scholarship: no online application, must be nominated by a teacher ($1,000 award available)

Jamie Epstein Memorial Scholarship: must be nominated by a teacher to receive the online application link ($2,500 award available)

Rick Snarr: no online application, must be nominated by an athletic coach (multiple $1,000 award available)


Scholarships Available for Manual Seniors Only:

Nevada Buckley Manion Scholarship - (up to $5,000 available, may be split into multiple awards)

Manual High School/Eureka College Scholarship - ($1,000 award available)

Peoria Public Schools School Board Scholarship for Manual High School - ($1,000 award available)

Randy Simmons Scholarship for Manual High School ($1,000 award available)

Genevieve Kroepel Cahail Award: no online application, must be nominated by teacher ($3,000 award available)


Scholarships Available for Peoria High Seniors Only:

Kenny M. Ward III Scholarship - (for those in the Culinary Arts program) - Application opens on January 1, 2022 (($1,000 award available))

Peoria Public Schools School Board Scholarship for Peoria High School - ($1,000 award available)

Lieutenant Colonel Norman E. Emery (Ret) Scholarship ($1,000 award available)

Randy Simmons Scholarship for Peoria High School ($1,000 award available)


Scholarships Available for Students Enrolled at Woodruff Career & Technical Center:

Peoria Public Schools School Board Scholarship for WCTC Students - ($1,000 award available)


PPS Middle School Student Scholarships:

  • Deirdre Purcell-Collins Math Award Scholarship (only for 7th grade female students nominated by their home Middle School Principal)Applications will be available in February 2022!
  • Mike McCord Memorial Scholarship (for all PPS 5th-8th grade boys to attend Coach Wardle's Bradley Basketball Camp Summer 2020)Applications will be available April 2022
  • NEW this school year! STEM in the Summer Scholarship (for the middle school students to attend summer camps in science, medicine, and mathematics at either JUMP Simulation center or ICC campus in Peoria).  Applications available in Spring 2022


Congratulations to our 2021 PPS Foundation Scholarship Recipients!

The full list of the 2021 scholarship recipients can be found by clicking HERE.  An notification e-mail was sent out to the address listed on the applications in April 2021 to all applicants.  Scholarship recipients will also be receiving an official letter in the mail.  If a letter has not arrived by May 1st, please contact Jen Adler at Thank you to all who applied!  The PPS Foundation wishes the best of luck to everyone in pursuing your goals for your continuing education.   


2021 Scholarship Request Form

If you have been awarded one of the 2020 PPS Foundation Scholarships, please print a copy of the 2021 Scholarship Request Form HERE and mail to the Foundation office when ready.  All request forms, along with an official letter of enrollment verification can be turned into the Foundation office between May-August to make sure the scholarship funds arrive at the university before the beginning of Fall semester.  We must have a letter of enrollment verification before we can begin to process the scholarship check.