The Foundation office is located at Junction City 5901 N. Prospect Rd. Suite 14E, Peoria IL 61614.


Board of Directors

Ruth Bittner - VP of Finance, Riverfront Museum

Ray Kowalczyk - Educator, Illinois Central College

Scott McCord - Financial Manager, Hurkes-McCord Financial Managment

Mariah Smith - RHS Graduate and Engineer

Cathy Wiggers - Retired Peoria Public Schools Administrator

Andre Allen - Dean of Students at Methodist College

Cheryl Sanfilip - Retired Peoria Public Schools Administrator


Board Officers 

Cathy Wiggers, Chairman

Ruth Bittner, Treasurer

Cindy Morris, President and Corporate Secretary


Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Superintendent of Schools

Dan Adler, Board of Education Vice President


Cindy R. Morris, President and Corporate Secretary - - 309.713.3608

Jen Adler, Administrative Director - - 309.696.8681

Trish O'Shaughnessy, Community Engagement Coordinator (Horizons Program) - - 309.696.3406

Brenda Wilson, Horizons Staff -

Sarah Oakford, Adopt-A-School Coordinator - - 309.282.5270 ext. 48245