Some Remarkable Stories

Thank you for the H.E.A.R. scholarship. You have no idea the heavy burden you have removed from my shoulders. I worry so much about how I will continue paying for my education. I wish to thank you for having the confidence in me and my ability to succeed. If I could write a thank you note everyday it truly would not begin to cover how indebted I am to you.

Hilary M. Holmes, Former Peoria Public School student, RHS


Why Not Write A Grant?—I had wished that I had learned to get more involved in grant writing a long time ago, as it is an excellent way to enhance your teaching area. A successful grant will enable you to do something that you might not be able to do otherwise. It will allow you to use different mediums in your approach. A grant has a magical way of pulling people in the school and the community to work towards achieving a goal with students. A grant can leave a lifetime impression on the students and allow them to be a part of a whole activity. Implementing and working through the goals of a grant with the kids can be exhausting, but the after effects will be life-long to a student. So why not write a grant!?!?!

Terry Spayer, Retired Art Teacher, teacher/classroom grant recipient (multiple years)


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