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Adopt-A-School Background

What is Adopt-A-School?
The Adopt-A-School program is an effective partnership between education and the business and private sectors of Peoria. The purpose of the program is to utilize the vast amounts of human resources and talents of our community to strengthen, enhance, and enrich the quality of education in the Peoria Public Schools.

Businesses and organizations may choose to participate in the program as an ADOPTER by partnering with a school, by sponsoring the overall program financially, by in-kind donations or by mentoring/tutoring.

When you participate in the Adopt-a-School program “YOU” teach, “YOU” mentor, “YOU” coach and “YOU” inspire every student. Yes, this is a community based program and you participate as a unit but your contribution to the program comes from within. The quality of your time greatly surpasses the quantity.

What do Adopters Do?
Adopt-A-School partners set realistic goals that are agreeable to all involved. The overall objectives of the partnership are flexible in order to utilize the resources of the adopter to meet the needs of the school, and each partnership is uniquely designed to bring about positive outcomes for all those involved.

Adopters initiate activities that encourage students and enrich their educational experiences. While developing strong person-to-person relationships, Adopt-A-School partners engage in a variety of projects.

Why Have An Adopt-A-School Program?
A strong public school system is basic to the health and growth of a community. Quality schools attract people to live in the area. The Adopt-A-School program strengthens and improves our schools, creates a climate of involvement and interaction between businesses/organizations and schools and involves the community in preparing for its own economic future. We are working to make a positive impact in our community.

Adopt-A-School is the commitment of time, energy, and expertise of a business or organization to an individual school. The overall objectives of each partnership are flexible and the relationships grow and flourish through a climate of active involvement and interaction between the school and the adopter.

How Can I Help Today?
We are in need of non-perishable food donations and toiletries to keep our six “Little Free Pantries” stocked. The pantries are located outside of Harrison and Glen Oak Learning Centers, Manual Academy, Roosevelt Magnet School, Lincoln K-8 and Trewyn K-6. Second Chance Church, a new Adopt-A-School partner, expanded on the Little Free Library movement and recently built these pantries-- which allows the community to give or take non-perishable foods and other items of necessity when needed. We have noticed that some of the pantries are being utilized to a great extent. We want to make sure that items are present when people need them. Please click here to contact Sarah Oakford about making a food or toiletry donation.



Members of the Junior League of Peoria and the Peoria Public Schools Foundation staff joined together on Saturday, August 5th to do a landscape redo in the front of the Administration Building.

In 2016, The Junior League of Peoria, the Peoria Public Schools Foundation and Peoria Public Schools entered into an agreement to assist with the revitalization of the Adopt-A-School program. The Junior League provided the grant funding for the program to be revitalized through a coordinated effort by hiring an Adopt-A-School Coordinator.

This commitment demonstrates the League's commitment and leadership in securing quality education for every student, a vibrant future for our community, and the opportunity for community-based partners to have a vested interest in the success of the District’s schools and its students.

Contact Information

Sarah Oakford, Adopt-A-School Coordinator
Phone: 309.282.5270